E-Reader Policy
  1. E-Reader checkout is limited to Tyler Public Library patrons with a current library card and photo ID.
  2. The borrowing agreement must be completed and signed prior to use of the E- Reader.
  3. The E-Reader will not be checked out to patrons owing money for lost, missing or damaged library materials.
  4. The borrower is financially responsible for the E-Reader and all pieces thereof that are checked out. When a patron signs for the E-Reader, he acknowledges that it is fully functioning, undamaged and that all the parts are there. He is required to thoroughly inspect the E-Reader and report problems to library staff at the time of checkout. If the patron does not inspect the E-Reader at the time of checkout, he is responsible for all missing and damaged parts upon return.
  5. The E-Reader may be checked out for a 21-day loan with no renewals. Failure to return the E-Reader on time will result in a $5 fine per day.
  6. No food or drinks are to be consumed around the E-Readers.
  7. Do not leave the E-Reader unattended at any time.
  8. The E-Reader must be returned to a library staff member at the Circulation Desk in the same condition in which it was received. Staff will inspect equipment carefully and call attention to any suspected damage or missing parts. The patron must be present when the E-Reader is being checked in. The E-Reader may not be placed in the book drop. Be certain that a staff member acknowledges the return of the equipment.
  9. In the event of damaged equipment, library staff will determine if damage is the result of normal wear and tear.  Do not attempt repairs, adjustments or alterations of any kind. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REMOVE THE E-READER FROM ITS COVER.
  10. It is the patron’s responsibility to bring to the attention of a library staff member any loss or possible damage to the E-Reader that happens during the time it is checked out to him.
  11. If the E-Reader is lost or damaged beyond repair, the patron will be responsible for all replacement fees.

All policies will be reviewed annually by staff, and significant changes will be brought to the Library Board.

E-Reader Borrowing Agreement

E-Reader Policy PDF

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