Summer STEM / STEAM Classes

Friday's from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m.

June 2nd -- July 28

All of the following classes were created for children going into grades 4 - 6. 

June 2 

Rocket Science

Learn about gravity and Newton's Laws that tell us why rockets fly.  
You will also learn how to build safe rocket powered vehicles.

June 9

 Open MakerSpace

 Design, Create, Play -- Freestyle MakerSpace Time

June 16 

Green Screen Technology

Special Effects in Storytelling - Learn how some of your favorite movies create special effects using a green screen and camera tricks!  Fly through the clouds, clone yourself, become a ghost, or disappear completely! You get to see it and DO it all in this class!

June 23

 Open MakerSpace

 Design, Create, Play -- Freestyle MakerSpace Time

June 30 


The night sky presents a thousand points of light, but what are you 
actually looking at?  We will take a close-up look at not only the stars 
and planets, but also the galaxies and nebulae that brighten our nights.

July 7

 Physics of Sound

 Dr. Hooten will discuss and demonstrate aspects of sound studies.

July 14 

Bridge Building

What makes a bridge so strong?  Learn this and become an engineer as you create your own bridge.  Will your bridge hold the most weight?

July  21

 Open MakerSpace

 Design, Create, Play -- Freestyle MakerSpace Time

July 28

Water Colors

Learn about water color techniques and paint your own masterpiece. 
This is a beginner level class.

The Tyler Public Library MakerSpace is catered to kids and teens and is found on the 3rd Floor.

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