Teen Tuesdays

If you're in Middle School or High School you're in!

Games, Activities, and Fun Just for Teens!

Earn volunteer hours completing special projects.

Tuesdays 4:30 to 5:30 p.m.

Feb. 20  Digital Games Let's play Head's Up and other games using the Library's tablets.
 Feb. 27  Bad Art Use craft items provided to create the worst piece of art you can.
March 6 Silent Library Games Try to complete games such as Feathered Frolic or Shaker Egg Race without making noise. I bet you can’t.
 March 13 Movie Thor: Ragnarok, rated PG-13. Pillows, blankets, and carpet friendly snacks are welcome.
March 20 "Whose Line…?" Improv Games One player plays a character that is having a party. The other players will be the guests, with stranger or silly quirks to act out. The host’s task is to guess who the guests might be, based on hints the guests offer. The game is over as soon as the host has guessed all guests.
March 27 "And Scene!" Readers Theater Come together to read a scene from a play. No memorization required.

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