Overdues getting you down?
Overdues getting you down? Library Elf is here to help!

can help!


Library Elf can:

    • Send emails or RSS alerts before your items are due
    • Send emails or RSS alerts on overdues and holds
    • Provide a consolidated list of all your family members’ loans and holds
    • Send text message alerts for holds and provide real-time checking by browser

This is a free service provided by the Tyler Public Library. However, Library Elf is a third party external website, with no association to the Tyler Public Library.

Please read Library Elf's Privacy Policy, FAQs and Terms of Service before you sign up.

You will be asked for your library card number and your PIN at signup. If you do not know your PIN, please contact the Library at (903) 593-7323.

Click here for a Library Elf Demo Click Here to sign up for a Library Elf Account

The Tyler Public Library makes no guarantee about the nature, efficiency or availability of Library Elf and we cannot be held responsible for any failings of the service. Library members remain responsible for items borrowed on their library cards and will be liable for any fines or other charges which may accrue, irrespective of any alerts which Library Elf may or may not provide.

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