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1000 Books Before Kindergarten


Is it possible to read all those books? If you read three books a day to your child(ren), in just one year you will have read 1,095 books. And you have several years to complete the program.

“Help! I don’t know which books to read!” You can read any book you wish to read or have your child read. The books you read can come from anywhere, not just the library. Click here for Special booklists that are available on our website, & we are happy to help you select books.

Do the books read at Library story time count? Yes! Any and every book your child hears counts for this program.

What if my child wants to read the same book over and over? Repetition is key to learning. Each time you read a book, it counts. If you read the same book 5 times, mark off 5 circles.


  • Pick up your folder at the Library’s information desk. It will contain your first reading log, up to 100 books.
  • Color or place a sticker in a circle on the log for every book you read.
  • After reading 100 books, bring your reading log to the library to collect your first prize--a 1KB4K book bag. Pick up the new pages for your reading log to count more great books.
  • At the 500 books and 1,000 book marks, your family will get the gift of two new books.

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