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American Girl on the Go

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 Addy Walker - 1864
 Caroline Abbott - 1812
 Felicity Merriman - 1774
 Josefina Montoya - 1824
 Kit Kittredge - 1934
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

 How do I borrow an American Girl® on the Go Doll Kit?

Place a doll on hold through the Library catalog. Log in using your name and library card number and request the doll you would like. We will contact you when the doll kit is available.


How many doll kits can I borrow at one time?

Due to a limited number of doll kits there is a limit of one doll kit per family at a time. Doll kits can only be checked out by adults.


Where do I pick up my hold?

American Girl® on the Go doll kits can be picked up at the Library circulation desk.


What is the borrowing period?
Two weeks (14 days), no renewals or rechecks.


How much is the late fee?

$1 per day.


Where do I return my doll kit?
Dolls should be returned during regular library hours at the circulation desk.

Please do not return dolls in the Book Returns. Dolls could be damaged in Book Returns; patron is held responsible for all damages.


What comes in an American Girl® Doll Kit?

Each kit includes:

·         1 Doll

·         Set of doll clothes

·         A doll hair styling tool

·         The first book in the American Girl book series about the character that the doll represents.

·         A journal to record the doll’s ongoing adventures

·         Carrying case

·         Doll care and journal instruction sheet


 How do I care for a doll?

·         Please do brush and style your doll’s hair only using the hair brush provided.

·         Please do clean your doll’s face and hands when necessary. 

 Instructions: With the help of an adult, protect your doll by pulling her hair back from her face and cover her clothing and eyes. Mix 1 Tablespoon of baking soda with warm water, then dip a washcloth in warm water and rub the doll’s face with the baking soda paste, being careful not to get her eyes wet. When finished, dry her face with a soft towel. Repeat the process for her hands.

·         Please do not submerge the doll in water

·         Please do not cut, shampoo, or use styling products on the doll’s hair (the hair can get frizzy and damaged.)

·         Please do not use a blow dryer, curling iron, hot rollers, or a straitening iron on the doll’s hair.


What should I write in the doll’s journal?

We want to know what the doll is up to when she is away from the Library. Tell us a little about the doll’s activities and experiences while visiting your house. Include the town you live in, the dates she visited your home, and the fun things you did together. Include as many details as you like. You may draw a picture in the journal, if you wish.


How much does it cost to replace/repair damaged American Girl® Doll Kit items?

Full Doll Kit - Felicity Merriman, Josefina Montoya, or Kit Kittredge


Full Doll Kit - Addy Walker or Caroline Abbott


Doll only w/outfit


American Girl®   Beforever Book


Doll Outfit (full)


Doll Accessory Pack (Addy, Felicity, and Caroline only)


Doll Case


Doll hair brush




Doll Repairs


Excessive cleaning fee 


New head (same American Girl®  only)


New body (torso and limbs)


New torso or limbs (choose one)


Eye replacement (same eye color only)


Reattachment or repair of head / limbs


Shipping and handling
Processing Fee $10.00


How is the American Girl® on the Go Doll Kit program funded?

The American Girl® on the Go Doll Kit lending program is made possible by the Friends of the Tyler Public Library. We would also like to thank Casey Fisher, Caroline Sanchez, and the Florida Doll Club, Lakeland, Florida for their generous donations of American Girl® Dolls and accessories.


Can I donate to the Program?

We welcome donations of new, like-new, or used-but-in-good-condition American Girl® Dolls, clothing, and accessories, including the historic characters that can no longer be purchased. You can also make a monetary donation to the Friends of the Tyler Public Library for the purchase of dolls or doll equipment.

Donations are tax deductible!

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