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What Teens Are Reading Now
Title: A Tale Magnolious by Suzanne Nelson
Reviewed by: Caitlin K.
Genre: Fiction
Reviewer Rating: 5 Stars
I may be overestimating myself over this, but I honestly have nothing but praise for this book for its characters, its story and heart. The story is quite simple, to be fair. It's about an orphan girl who befriends and frees a circus elephant and they then hide away in a farm. While there, they also befriend the farmer as well as a few children of a rundown town run by a greedy mayor. Looking at it at a full perspective, the story is a bit predictable and cliche. But what saves it is the heart and the characters. Each character’s interactions are filled with plenty of emotion and depth that keeps the reader invested. Not one moment was dull with these characters. There's also a good message of hope and finding a silver lining no matter how harsh the times are. Overall, this is an absolute must read for anyone of any age.

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