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3D Printer Procedure

3D Printer Procedure

A picture of BOB, our 3D PolyPrinter!

The 3D Print Procedure of B.O.B. (Builder of Beasts)

So you want a 3D Print from our Builder of Beasts? (That’s BOB, to his friends.) Here’s how you can do it:

  1. You can visit any number of sites like Thingiverse, MyMiniFactory, and YouMagine to find a print. Write down the print’s URL, if you do. Or you can look at our notebook and see what BOB has done in the past. Note: you must have a Library card to request jobs.
  2. Come to the Information Desk on a weekday. Talk to staff at the desk for help.
  3. Pay the $2 up-front fee. It pays for the prep time, the electricity to run BOB, etc.
  4. Fill out the form (linked below). Remember, there are some restrictions and things BOB can’t do! Don’t forget to look at our Procedures, or ask a Reference Associate.
  5. We get multiple orders, which are “first come, first serve.” This could take 1-2 weeks.
  6. We’ll print up your order, weigh it, and let you know that it’s ready for you. We charge 15¢ for every gram of plastic used. (Example: a 30g print would cost $4.50)
  7. Come pick it up in 14 days and pay for your job. Enjoy your 3D Print!
  8. Payment is cash or check only. All funds go to BOB for supplies and the Friends of the Tyler Public Library to fund Library programs.


-Can you print my object in multiple colors?
If it has multiple parts, yes (although don’t go too crazy!). If it’s one solid object, we can’t. 

-What’s all this stuff on my print?
Those are supports. They hold the print up during the printing process; BOB is cool, but he can’t print on thin air. Don’t worry, supports can come off with a little effort. Note: Library staff cannot clean prints.

-Can you assemble my print?
If you have a job that has multiple parts, Library staff cannot assemble it. Staff cannot be held liable for damages after the print has been handed over.

-What if I don’t pick up my print?
If you don’t pick up your print after 14 days, we assume you don’t want it anymore, and we may sell it to someone else. So don’t forget to come get your print! 

-What colors do you have?
Lots! But we run out, get new ones, etc. all the time. Ask our staff what’s available now.

-What can’t I print?
We have a strict policy against printing any weapons. We also can’t print things used with food. Our filament is not safe to be used with food products. Library staff reserve the right to refuse a print job.

3-D Print Order Form

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